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Business acquisition in Australia can benefit from the search model
The search fund concept emanates from the US and has been around since 1984. However, this is an unexplored model in Australia and it is one that can play a part in the Australian business exit landscape. The search fund is in essence a two stage… (read more).
Crowdfunding a la Italia
While the effort by the SEC to develop crowdfunding rules for the US market is stagnating and with Australia recently flagging its intention to conduct a consultation process to develop a best practice framework for crowd sourced equity funding as… (read more).
Launch of the revenue entitlement notes series
Pennam Partners is bringing a revenue financing instrument to the Australian financial market. Revenue financing is broadly the injection of capital by investors and in return the investors receive a percentage of the future revenue of the investee firm (which differs from receivables factoring). The instruments, revenue entitlement notes (RENts®), has been developed to provide investee firms with an alternative funding strategy… (read more).
Islamic fund to target asset leasing
Article in the Australian Financial Review about development in the Australian islamic finance space with the launch of an asset leasing fund. Mention was made in this article about Pennam Partners and its efforts in furthering alternative finance. The article can be accessed through this link.
Australian venture capital: Enhancement of existing government programs
The Australian Government has released the Venture Australia package (the “Package”) as part of its proposed $1 billion investment project, ‘A Plan for Australian Jobs’. The proposed Package is a welcoming one for the Australian venture capital sector overall, which would be of benefit to the existing Australian investment ecosystem and ultimately entrepreneurial activities… (read more).
Launch of SmartSukuk
Pennam Partners launched its SmartSukuk platform, which allows Australian corporates and quasi government entities to tap into the Malaysian debt market to raise alternative funding through the public offer of alternative bond issuance…(read more).
Small opening for raising funds
Article in the Australian Financial Review in relation to funding for the missing middle in Australia on the back of the JOBS Act announcement in the US resulting in crowdfunding being made available. This article contains quotes from Pennam Partners about the funding environment in Australia for the missing middle… (read more).
Australia begins erasing (some) tax uncertainties
Article in PE Manager highlighting the latest instalment of the Investment Manager Regime to address uncertainties with the operations of the Australian tax rules in relation to the funds management industry… (read more).
One way to exit your business
This article in the boardroom report discusses the use of revenue financing in assisting a business owner to exit the business while putting in place an alternative vendor financing mechanism to allow for a straight transition to the buyer and providing the seller with periodic payments… (read more).
Securities Crowd Funding Survey
Pennam Partners recently undertook a survey to gauge the sentiments around Securities Crowd Funding, with 80% of respondents agreeing that the regime should be made available in Australia. The survey results can be accessed through this link and the debriefing article can be accessed here.
Venture capital – Regulatory, legal and tax tips and traps you should be aware of in establishing a tax efficient vehicle conducive for early stage ventures
On 25th October 2011, Machel Advisory Services together with Pennam Partners and AusIndustry (Innovation Australia) hosted a briefing seminar on Early Stage Venture Capital. This seminar provided insights to fund managers, VC firms and investors (for instance angels) operating or looking to operate in the early stage venture space. The briefing covered off on the early stage venture capital limited partnership program and what you should be aware of. Our briefing slides from the round table can be accessed through this link.
Opportunities in current economic climate
The principals of Evermore Money Management (a Melbourne-based dealer group) and Machel Advisory Services (a tax and corporate advisory practice) have teamed up to set-up Pennam Partners, a boutique investment house. The new venture was hatched after both firms have worked together on several funding projects and finding that their alliance was synergistically working… (read more)