Financial Instruments


Pennam Partners, through its SmartSukuk venture, can facilitate alternative bond raising for government-related and corporate entities in the Malaysian debt market to raise capital.  Pennam Partners acts as the international financial advisor and together with its Malaysian counterpart provide a turnkey process for the raising of capital by way of Sukuk issuance.  As at December 2012, Malaysia accounts for approximately 70% of the global Sukuk issuance and attracts foreign issuers to its alternative bond market.



In addition, Pennam Partners has developed a process that allows investee firms to raise capital by leveraging off their topline without diluting its equity holders.  Issuing revenue entitlement notes™ (RENts®) can be a sound funding strategy for investee firms and would potentially allow investee firms to raise capital at a lower cost compared to equity raising.  Pennam Partners can assist investee firms in assessing whether RENts®is an appropriate mechanism for them and if so; implement the RENts® process for them.  

Pennam Partners has launched the following RENts®series and will be adding more in due course:

  • Corporate RENts® (C.RENts);
  • Energy RENts®(E. RENts);
  • Impact RENts® (I.RENts); and
  • Not for profit RENts®(N.RENts)

The RENts® fundraising can also be issued by way of public offer (RENts® public offer/Rpo) and the issuer can list the RENts® on a stock exchange to provide liquidity for investors.