Capital Raising

Pennam Partners has developed a global network of investors and can assist investee companies in sourcing capital from its network.  Pennam Partners is sector agnostic and will assist on qualified capital raising mandates from start-ups, private companies, Pre-IPO and listed entities.  We explore a range of equity, debt and hybrid instruments that will be beneficial for both the investee and investors.  Through our network, amongst other financing solutions, we can provide access to:

  • Stand-by working capital/equity facility for pre-IPO and listed entities on domestic and offshore stock exchanges;
  • Bridge loan facility for pre-IPO plays;
  • Convertible note financing for ASX listed companies;
  • Off-market secondary sale for shareholders in listed entities;
  • Alternative bond raising in Malaysia by way of Sukuk issue;
  • Private company capital raising.

Together with our network, we can also assist you in getting listed either on an Australian stock exchange or a foreign stock exchange (for instance Frankfurt Stock Exchange).  Pennam Partners is an accredited sponsor with the Asia Pacific stock exchange and will be assisting firms looking to list on the Asia Pacific stock exchange once it goes live.

If you would like to discuss capital raising opportunities, contact us at with a description of your capital raising requirement. Please complete and email the Capital funding query form.